The leader of the CPRF comfort themselves in a Villa by the sea

The leader of the CPRF comfort themselves in a Villa by the sea Gennady Zyuganov entered the political struggle, full of energy... the Leader of the Russian Communists last summer elegant rested cool and relaxed in overseas resorts.He rested in the Crimea, Ukraine, away from prying eyes. And from "friends" too... For easy Communists, barely making ends meet, lordly habits of their leader, until now, been a mystery. But murder will out, even if he cut out the party banner.If what's left of the red Gennady Andreevich on vacation, only cowards. Well and red shorts on the girl so dearly embraced by the sea party boss. Читать полностью -->

In Moscow crashed the administrator group Pet Shop Boys

In Moscow crashed the administrator group Pet Shop BoysIn the night of Friday in Moscow on quay Tarasa Shevchenko died, the administrator of the group Pet Shop Boys, Danton'connell and co-owner of the famous club "roof of the world" Anton Antonov.As told "Kommersant" colleagues Antonova on business, on Thursday evening, 31-year-old co-owner of the "roof of the world" celebrated in the company'connell on the birthday of one of the soloists of the British pop group Pet Shop Boys Chris Lowe. Lowe arrived in Moscow at the invitation of Anton Antonov, whom she met several years ago in St. Petersburg.After the party at the Sky Lounge restaurant in honor of Lowe's, according to eyewitnesses, Anton Antonov took the administrator group Pet Shop Boys'connell show off your club.In an hour the night on the embankment of Taras Shevchenko BMW 525 Antonova, moving with a speed of about 150 km/h on a wet road, a little wobbly, and he crashed into a tree. Blow was such force that the BMW literally chopped down a tree, and then rammed the iron railing of the embankment and fell into the Moscow river.Next door to the scene of the accident workers Mosgortrans changed catenary supports, and with the help of a crane and rescue divers MOE quickly managed to pull a car, but both of his passengers were already dead.In police reports Anton Antonov was held yesterday as 20-year-old resident of St. Petersburg", and the administrator Pet Shop Boys - as "African American, looks 40 years." Source: Moscow crashed the administrator group Pet Shop Boys. . Читать полностью -->

Rastorguev tired to fight for health

Rastorguev tired to fight for healthA seriously ill 50-year-old singer got tired of fighting for their health. Despite the categorical prohibition of doctors, who arrived in Sochi, the soloist of group "lube" did not leave the glass.And at a party Nicholas Rastorguev and does drunk to unconsciousness.He survived a lot - a huge number of surveys, travel abroad in search of a donor organ. He's a real man fought bravely with his illness! Now the doctors just shrug: science is powerless if the man lowered his hands. But Nicholas seems to be really tired. In moments of despair he recognizes friends and his doctors that his existence becomes impossible, because of problems with the kidneys, he feels like an outcast, and that he was tired to fight for life, the newspaper "Life".By all means the musician is trying to prove that, in spite of serious illness, he is no different from others, but this only provokes the disease.If before dialysis is required when the primary problem with the kidneys, Rastorguev had to be done every three days while consuming alcohol this procedure should be carried out daily. And this is a huge burden on the liver and other organs.The singer arrived in Sochi already tipsy. Читать полностью -->

In `House-2` no one cares about the death of the participant

In `House-2` no one cares about the death of the participantIt would be strange to assume that the participants of the popular TV programmes and working on their creation, the team can track the fate of departures from the sight of the people.Here and on the death of Christine Kalina, which managed to try their luck in "Hunger" and "the House-2", few know.We already wrote about the fact that a young girl died in June from cardiac and renal failure. In "the House-2" Christina spent only 13 days in March 2006. The audience she is more remembered as a contestant on "Hunger".However, in the "House-2" remember about her. According to the "old-timers" of telestroyki Olga Nikolaeva, better known as the Sun, she was aware of the incident. But others are unlikely to know about the tragedy."We were on tour, and I wrote to a friend that such a thing happened, told the Sun by phone to the correspondent Days.Ru. And I think I could, that said. Читать полностью -->

Eerie view of Natasha Koroleva scared of the paparazzi

Eerie view of Natasha Koroleva scared of the paparazzi Famous singer Madonna appeared on the premiere of the film "Stardust" in the society of her husband Sergey Glushko. The couple got dressed in the style of travelers. But Sergey, this style was clearly more than Natasha...She clearly made the wrong choice of costume.In the cinema "the Formula of cinema Europe" gathered almost all star audience, who is in Moscow these days. Among others present were: Andrei Makarevich, producer Igor Matvienko with the wards - group "Factory", Iron Kudikova and Pasha Artemiev from "Roots", "fabricante" Irina Dubtsova, singer Katya LEL, "people's artist" Alexander Panayotov, showman Roman Trachtenberg, tele-psychologist Maria Arbatov and TV presenter Arina Sharapova.Almost all the star personality tried anything, but to show off. Over evening dresses Erson was draped cardigan, embroidered with rhinestones. Sandals Queen and Glushko were sparkling faux stones. Читать полностью -->

The doctors prescribed lolita rehabilitation in `Kashchenko`

The doctors prescribed lolita rehabilitation in `Kashchenko`In the coming days, the famous presenter Lolita will go to the legendary clinic number 1 to them. Alekseeva, more popularly known as "Kashchenko". Otherwise, she faces a serious breakdown.About this newspaper "Life".7-year-old daughter Eva, who lives with her grandmother, this year went to study at the Kiev school. To be constantly near her, the singer may not: a tour of the artist followed by concerts in Moscow, concerts, recordings, talk - show "Without complexes". Forced to live in separation from Eva, Lolita terrible experiences. And here is the result: experts strongly recommended her to undergo rehabilitation.The first time, being on the verge of a nervous breakdown, leading to the psychiatrists in 2000 - right after the scandalous divorce with Alexander Tsekalo.Now, sensing the approach of a serious illness, as well as greater physical fatigue, Lolita herself turned to the experts. Читать полностью -->

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